Community Garden

We're so glad you noticed our garden!  Known as the We Dig Fircrest Presbyterian Church Community Garden, our garden community is made up of congregants of Fircrest Presbyterian Church, volunteer Master Gardeners and local volunteers from the community.  We donate all our produce to the Families Unlimited Network (FUN) Food Bank, which serves over 41,000 people annually in the University Place/Pierce County area.  We have no individual plots.  Since 2018 our unique garden partnership has become a stable relationship that positively supports the FPC congregation, community partners, and the community as a whole.

We gathered Sunday August 29th for our fourth annual Garden Celebration. Together we sang hymns and we read from Psalm 65. We also heard this poem written by Wendell Berry:

Sabbaths 1998: IV

The woods and pastures are joyous
in their abundance now
in a season of warmth and much rain.
We walk amidst foliage, amidst
song. The sheep and cattle graze 
like souls in bliss (except for flies)
and lie down satisfied. Who now
can believe in winter? In winter
who could have hoped for this?

As we sat together gazing at the abundance in the above photo taken by Bill Farrell the day before our gathering, I felt the truth of the poem. In winter who could have hoped for this? In winter, who could believe that this August bounty could be created from the stark empty soil of the winter landscape?

Louie Farrell shared the following garden numbers with us. They are nothing short of a miracle!

Pounds of produce given to the food bank so far this summer: 955.1

Pounds of dry goods given to the food bank so far this year: 610

Number of times produce is harvested currently per week: 3

Number of volunteers who cultivate the garden each Saturday morning: 5-10

Number of volunteers who harvest during the week: 2

God showers us with surprising abundance, and I am grateful that we know this truth so literally through our mission in the We Dig Fircrest Presbyterian Church Community Garden. Thanks be to God!

Our regular gardening time is Saturdays from 9 am until 12 pm.  We would love to have your help!  Below are some additional ways that you can help the garden:

You can give money to help support the garden.  Make out a check to Fircrest Presbyterian Church, note Community Garden in the memo line, and mail to FPC, 1250 Emerson St., Fircrest, WA  98466. 

Here is our current "Wish List" of needs:

Help with maintaining our social media presence on Facebook and on our website.

An official photographer who can capture images of the garden throughout the year.

Someone to interface with the Families Unlimited Network food bank, helping us maintain communications and informing us of the needs of people experiencing food insecurity.

A volunteer coordinator.

A marketing person.

If you would like to help in any of these ways, email Julie at, and she will get you connected!