Welcome to Fircrest Presbyterian Church!  We are an inclusive faith community.  Wherever you are on your life's journey, you are welcome here!  We have children's Sunday school, creative worship services, Christian formation programs for all ages, and intentional caring connections to our community.  Our Mission:  To actively bring God's unconditional love to our community.

DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, SUNDAY IN-PERSON WORSHIP IS CURRENTLY PAUSED.  Sunday Worship is at 10:30 am.  Email Pastor Julie for a link to Sunday Zoom Worship.

Saturdays at 9:00 am:  Garden Cultivation.  All are welcome!
Tuesday August 11 at 6:30 pm via Zoom, Team Meetings.  
Sunday August 16 at 2-4 pm, Pet Blessing at the church.
Tuesday August 18 at 6:30 pm via Zoom, Session.
Sunday September 6 at 12:15 pm, gathering to discuss How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram Kendi.
Sunday September 13 at 10:30 am, Sunday Worship will take place outside on the church grounds.

Spirit of Creation: Between the Trees 

This year our Spirit of Creation series will invite us into an intentionally ecological reading of the Scriptures through tree stories. We'll begin with the second creation story in Genesis, and end with the Tree of Life story in Revelation, discovering that most of Scripture falls Between the Trees - that is, between these two tree stories!  As we read Between the Trees, we'll learn spiritual practices that encourage us to be attentive to the trees around us, and to cultivate our relationship with the God of all Creation. Come worship with us as we spend time Between the Trees! 

June 14:           Between the Trees 1:  Seeing the Bible for the Trees. Genesis 2:5-8.

June 21:           Between the Trees 2:  Wonder and Wellbeing. Psalm 1.

June 28:           Between the Trees 3:  Seeds and Other Mysteries. Mark 4:30-32

July 5:              Rev. Melody Young preaching.

July 12:            Between the Trees 4:  Friendship and Hospitality. Genesis 18:1-15

July 19:            Between the Trees 5: Attentiveness. Exodus 3:1-15

July 26:            Between the Trees 6:  Fruit. Galatians 5:22-23

August 2:         Rev. Melody Young preaching.

August 9:         Between the Trees 7:  Stewardship. Luke 19:1-9

August 16:       Between the Trees 8:  Life. Revelation 22:1-5

August 23:       Rev. Melody Young preaching.

August 30:       Rev. Melody Young preaching.